Update Notices

- 01-09-17 -

Update released for free LMS Black 5 Pack. Fixes to the missing preserved examples in the pack.

- 21-08-17 -

Released today, version 3 of the GWR Manor Expansion Pack. This makes all the GWR Manors in the Expansion compatible with the Ultimate GWR Manor Sound Pack.

- 03-07-17 -

Update released for the 4MT Tank Sound Pack Version 2. It is now at version 2.1. The purpose for the update is to fix a script issue. If you haven't had any issues, then there is no need to install this update.

- 15-05-17 -

Another update to the Standard 4 2-6-4T Enhancement Pack to fix the valve gear issues some were experiencing.

- 13-05-17 -

Second update released for the Standard 4 2-6-4T Enhancement Pack to correct the keyboard control issues.

- 03-02-17 -

The first update has gone out for the Severn Valley Railway.

Fixes include: Scenery Tweaks at Bridgnorth; Quick Drive Fixed; Required Download Doc. Amended.

- 02-02-17 -

GWSR Scenario Packs 1 - Home Fleet, 2 - Coping With Adversity & 3 - Residents & Visitors, have all been updated to work with the most recent update of the GWSR route. Make sure you have the latest version of the GWSR installed before installing these updated scenario packs.

- 23-12-16 -

GWR Manor Sound Pack now updated and renamed the Ultimate GWR Manor Sound Pack. This is to reflect the latest developments thanks to new recordings. It is now possible to enjoy a much more varied experience when driving the set of Manors in the two packs available from Just Trains. Nuimbers 7802, 7812, 7820, 7822 and 7828 have received custom sounds.

Our free expansion will be updated in due course.

The free GWSR route has been updated to version 2.5. Updates include added scenery to bring parts of the route up to date with the real world route, which is always changing, improvements to signalling - including custom sounds - extension of track to Broadway(limited scenery) and changes to Laverton to reflect the current track layout.

- 16-11-16 -

Bulleid Light Pacific - Preservation Edition updated to 1.3. Comes with improved steaming, and simulation by Forge Simulation. Thanks to James!

- 09-11-16 -

Updated the Great Central Railway to fix the missing platforms some users were experiencing, plus improved the under bridge decals and nighttime lighting at Loughborough.

- 25-10-16 -

The Bulleid Light Pacific - Preservation Edition has received an update to address the missing texture on the Mainline Tangmere's HI light.

- 20-10-16 -

Bulleid Light Pacific - Preservation Edition has been updated to add the missing Tangmere support vehicle

- 08-08-16 -

Another update today for the King Arthur Sound Pack. This fixes the missing texture issue reported to us.

- 04-08-16 -

Updated today - King Arthur Sound Pack. Updates include improves sounds and improved textures, courtesy of Ashley Burgess of Vulcan Productions.

- 08-07-16 -

The Hawksworth Modified Halls Collection has been updated to Version 1.5. The purpose of this update is a file restructure to prevent a clash with our freeware Witherslack Hall Addon. Update Emails will be going our during today.

- 29-06-15 -

The LBSCR E2 Tank Addon has been updated. The purpose of this update is to fix the texture issues experienced by those users who do not use dynamic skies.

- 24-06-16 -

Standard 5 Sound Enhancement Pack is now at Version 2. Added to version 2 is compatibility with simple mode. This was an oversight on our part, so apologies to those who have not been able to fully enjoy our new sounds. Update notices are on there way to your Email accounts. Before installing the update, please, PLEASE READ THE INFO DOCUMENT!!

- 08-04-16 -

Digital Traction have supplied an update for their GWR 2251 Collett Goods addon.

- 04/04/16 -

We have again issued an update for the Great Central Railway. Updates include minor route tweaks, 8F missing crew fix and missing texture fix.

- 15/03/16 -

Minor update to add missing rolling stock for the scenarios and QD's

- 12-03-16 -

Great Central Railway for TS2016 has been updated to fix known issues. Update notices have been sent out. If you don't get it, please let us know.

- 05-02-16 -

GWR Castle Sound Pack updated to support new DTG patch which corrected the the names in the Early GWR Castle.

- 04-02-16 -

Updated to version 2 is the GWR Castle Sound Pack.

Features of Update:

  1. Minor tweaks to the original sounds

  2. Compatibility with the Riviera Fifties Castle

  3. Compatibility with new TS Rewards GWR Early Castle


Version 1.1 of the Double Chimney Castle Sound Pack released. This adds the missing QD consists and fragments


Updated today is the 14xx Sound Pack. This addresses the current known issues. If you have any further issues with the pack, please Contact Us. It is now at version 1.1.


Wycombe Raiway and Joint Line updated to version 2.2. Included are fixes to Quick Drive, and to the PR to Bicester and HW to Oxford scenarios.

For information: Version 3 onwards will require Riviera 1950's


GWSR Scenario Pack 1 updated to fix the reported issues. If there are any further issues, please Contact Us or post on our Facebook Page.


Another update released for the GWR Pannier Sound Pack and GWR Pannier Expansion Pack. This fixes the in-cab issue. The regulator and brake handle are grab-able once more.

PLEASE NOTE: The brake operation is still reversed on the HUD. A fix within the script is required. This will be tackled at a later date.


GWR Pannier Expansion Pack has been updated to make it compatible with new version of GWR Pannier Sound Pack. Scenario's have been tweaked with some more recent GWR loco releases added. A new scenario is included for the GWSR Version 2.


Updated to GWR Pannier Sound Pack to correct missing wheelslip sounds


Update to GWR Pannier Sound Pack. Improvements include:

  • Script and Particle Improvements by Chris Barnes

  • Steam Chest Simulation Added(Toggle on/off Press Return)

  • Soundset Given a Complete Overhaul