BR Standard 9F Crosti Addon Pack*


*You MUST own the BR Standard 9F Pack to use this product

Pack Contents

  • BR Standard 9F Franco-Crosti 2-10-0 Locomotive
  • Simple and advanced driving modes
  • Realistic Cab Views and Environments
  • Unique sound set created from a number of relevant sources
  • BR Black clean and worn liveries
  • Fittings customisation
  • Quick Drive Ready
  • And So Much More.................

See the manual for more information

  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_01.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_02.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_03.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_04.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_05.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_06.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_07.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_08.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_09.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_10.png
  • Crosti 9F Addon Contents_11.png


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