BR Shocvan Wagon Pack

12t Plywood Bodied Shock-absorbing Ventilated Vans

By Malcolm Mackay

12t Shocvans

  • Shocvan 12t Van Dia 209, Shocvan 12t Van      Dia 218 & Shocvan 12t Van Dia 220

  • All Bauxite Livery

  • Empty and Loaded Physics

  • Clean and Weathered Versions

  • Randomized Decals

  • Animated Handbrakes

  • Oil Tail Lamps

  • Dynamically Assigned Works Plate Details

20t Goods Brake Van

  • 20t Goods Brake Van to Diagram 1/504

  • Lot 2741 in Bauxite Clean and Weathered versions

  • Clean and Weathered Textures

  • Oil Tail Lamps

  • Multiple Guards Views

All wagons come equipped with custom sounds, created by Steam Sounds Supreme

The pack comes ready to use with a large range of Quick Drive consists. For a full rundown of what is included, and what locomotives feature in the Quick Drive consists, please see the manual HERE.