Routes for Train Simulator

On this page you will find links to all our Train Simulator route pages....

  • Screenshot_Stainmore, Shap and the Eden Valley_54.49060--2.24820_15-13-23
  • KWVR_Release01

Payware Routes

Click the button below to see our selection of payware routes

  • RivieraGWR01
  • WR&JL_V4_Main01
  • SDR_SecondValve_02
  • SwanageRailway02
  • BluebellMainImage01
  • W&PHR01
  • South-WeyRoute01
  • GCR2017_01
  • WSR-ME_V301
  • GWSR_V2.5_01

Freeware Routes

Our large selection of high quality free routes are all on this page. Note that these routes rely on a variety of assets from payware and freeware sources to make them realistic.

  • MHR-OA_Main02
  • 24010_20210423184758_1
  • 24010_20210423184619_1
  • 24010_20210423184556_1
  • Screenshot_West Somerset Members Edition V4_51.17840--3.31059_14-34-14

Super-detail Routes

The super-detail range are being created in association with Jonathan Whitmore, with assistance from others in the TS community. Click on the button below to explore this new range.