LMS 57ft Non-Corridor Stock - BR Edition

After the Grouping in 1923 the first CME of the LMS George Hughes set about designing standardised passenger stock. One of the first fruits of this work was a series of 57 ft fully panelled Non-Corridor stock. Built from 1925 through to 1930. After Hughes's retirement in 1925 Sir Henry Fowler took over the production of the coaches, also designing a series of 57ft Lavatory Non-Corridor stock for longer distance cross country workings. These two types were used extensively all over the LMS network. Final withdrawals were in the mid 1960's.

Pack Contents

D1701 Composite, D1703 Brake Third, Full First to D1761, Full Third D1700, Lavatory Brake Third to D1685 and Lavatory Composite to Dia 1686
Two Passenger Views & Guards View
All come in BR Crimson & Maroon Livery
Custom Sounds
Quick Drive Ready