Lowmac Wagon & Scenic Pack

Lowmac Wagon Collection

Includes Machinery As Loads & Scenic Items

The most popular special wagon was the low machine wagon which received the Telegraph Code, unsurprisingly, of Lowmac. Their purpose was carrying vehicles or machinery that would normally be over recommended height of a normal flat bed wagon and hence exceed the loading gauge.

Two variants have been included in this pack to illustrate opposite ends of the range.

Pack Contents:

  • 4 Lowmac Wagons As Detailed > >

  • Custom Sounds

  • Quick Drive Ready(Works alongside Departmental Wagons & Hoppers and Salmon Bogie Flats)

  • Bulldozer, Excavator & JCB Loads(Available to use as scenic items)

  • Full Manual

Wagon Types:

  • Lowmac EP to diag 2/242

  • Lowmac EK to diag 2/244

  • Both types come in Olive green as Standard

  • EP Type aslo in Bauxite livery

  • EK Type also in departmental grey

Salmon/Lowmac Twinpack Also Available.