WORTH VALLEY Loco & Rolling Stock Addon

Ever since we released the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway for Train Simulator, a rolling stock pack has been in development. We are pleased to now present this pack to you and it contains contributions from the following members of the Train Simulator community: Sam Steventon(Blast Pipe Productions, Gordon Mack(Matrix Trains), Phil Baines(Donkey Works) and John Astley. None of what you are going to enjoy with this pack would have been possible without these guys. Thank you!

Pack Contents

  • Locomotive Repaints of City of Wells(1980's), 78022 in BR Green, Austerity Fred & 3F 43586(hauled final passenger train in BR days)
  • Pullmans Ann & Mary
  • Updated Mk1 Suburbans
  • Full pack of KWVR wagons - 26 wagons in total!!
  • Custom Sounds Throughout
  • Quick Drive Ready
  • Scenarios

*See the included manual for more information

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    To use this addon you will benefit from owning the following: