40t trestrol wagon pack for train simulator

A pack of 20 XTO and XTP 40 ton bogie trestrol wagons for Train Simulator. All wagons comes with clean/weathered and empty/loaded variants.

The Trestrol wagons were built for carrying large steel plate across the railway network, initially appearing around 1953 and lasted until about 1983.

  • 40t Trestrol Wagons02
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons03
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons04
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons06
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons05
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons07
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons08
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons10
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons09
  • 40t Trestrol Wagons11

    Another excellent wagon pack from the Malcolm Mackay workshop.

    • XTO & XTP Types
    • Clean and Weathered Variants
    • Empty and Loaded Version with Physics to Match
    • Custom Sounds
    • Animated Handbrakes
    • Randomized Decal Details
    • CAO 20t Brake Van
    • Quick Drive Ready


    Watch the video to see more about what is in this pack. Please note that the Standard 5 appears for demonstration purposes only.