Matrix Trains GNR/NER Non-Corridor Stock Pre-Grouping Edition

These coaches of the North Eastern Railway and Great Northern Railway were built from around 1907. The NER
coaches were built under the direction of Wilson Worsdell (the CME of the NER) whilst the GNR were designed by Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley (CME of the GNR and LNER). There were 3 diagrams of NER Non Corridor Elliptical Roof coaches and these were Dia 144 49
ft Brake Third, Dia 149 49ft Full Third and Dia 121 52ft Composite. The Brake third had a body width of 8’0” to accommodate the large
guards duckets. The Third and Composite were 8’6” wide. These long lived carriages lasted in service up until the 1960’s before removal from passenger service. The GNR 58ft Non Corridor Elliptical Roof Teak coaches built in teak to Gresley’s familiar carriage design, this set
comprises of a Dia 183 Lavatory Composite Brake, a Dia 274 Lavatory Brake Third, a Dia 121/164 Lavat ory Composite
and a "Football Saloon" to Dia 21. Built with lavatories to give the flexibility to be used on longer runs than the
normal suburban commuter rosters. The “Football Saloon” was for use by football teams in the days when they
travelled by train to distant fixtures. It was also used for excursion work. All the lavatory coaches were arranged to
have toilet access from every seat. The GNR made great use of Brake Composites, often dropping a single unit at a station to form a branch train. Withdrawa l dates unknown but thought to be the early 1960’s. Also included is a NER 45ft Bogie Covered Carriage Truck (CCT) and NER Clerestory Inspection Saloon NER 1661. The CCT was built by the NER from 1915 and the LNER up to 1927, with matchboard sides above the waist and steel panels below. They lasted in service until the late 60’s/early 70’s. Meanwhile the Inspection Saloon was built by the
Stockton & Darlington Railway in 1871 as a 6 wheel 3rd Class saloon. Converted by the NER in 1884 to an Inspecti on
Saloon (No.1661) for its Locomotive Superintendent, Edward Fletcher. In 1904 it was rebuilt to a 40 ft bogie vehicle. It
became LNER No.21661 and BR E902179E. It was withdrawn by BR in 1969 having been in use for 98 years! It’s
famous for being "The Old Gentleman's Saloon" in the film “The Railway Children”.

Pack Contents

  • 10 New Carriages
  • GNR Teak & NER Crimson
  • Types include: 1st, 3rd, brakes, composite, covered van, inspectors saloon & more.....
  • Passenger & Guards Views
  • Custom Sounds
  • Quick Drive Ready*

*See the included manual for more information

  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_01GNR MilkBrake.jpg
  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_02GNR BrakeComp.jpg
  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_03GNR BrakeThird.jpg
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  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_05GNR FootballSaloon.jpg
  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_06NER BrakeThird.jpg
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  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_08NER Comp.jpg
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  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_10NER Third.jpg
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  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_13NER QD3.jpg
  • NERGNR PG NC Pack_14NER QD4.jpg
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