About Steam Sounds Supreme

Here, at Steam Sounds Supreme, we specialize in sound engineering and audio recording and production. Why do we do it?

'Ever since my Dad and Uncle introduced me to steam as a small boy, I've been hooked!! I love the look of steam locomotives. The smell. The feeling of power and presence. But, most of all, I love the variety of sounds steam loco's make. From the clonking of the connecting rods, to the ear piercing blasts of steam from the drain cocks. From the variety of whistles, to the different exhaust sounds - some a deep thud, some and sharp bark and some with a straight forward loud blast! I became fascinated by all these noises and my uncle educated me about what all these sounds meant. 

I've been travelling to preserved railways and been on some mainline steam specials too. And there's not much more exciting as when a steam locomotive is really 'opened up' and demonstrates it's power!

By means of this site, I'll be trying to bring as much of that magic to your train simming experience as possible starting with the release of our first sound pack - the Standard 4MT Tank!!'

The above are the thoughts of our company's co-founder, Matthew Walmsley, as we geared up for the release of our first product. We continue to be commited to making the highest quality sounds possible for the Train Simulator software. Keep up with our Facebook page to learn of new releases and plans for the future. We don't just do sounds! Watch out for a brand new heritage railway route, locomotive addons and also loco recording collections.

Immerse yourself in the glorious sounds of steam........................................................................