Stanier 8F Sound Pack


We present the Stanier 8F sound pack, adding all those sounds you should hear from the original locomotive models. Also, as a free bonus, the CJB steam effects are made available on the RSC 8F Pack 8F's, as well as the Woodhead example. also include our custom sounds for the wagons associated with the 8F's.


  • Pilot and Main Valve on Regulator
  • Realistic Cylinder Drain Cocks Sounds
  • Authentic Coasting Sounds
  • Multiple Whistle Sounds, including: A Long Whistle on the Spacebar and Many Different Short Whistles on Pressing 'B'
  • Blower and Injector Sounds on Fireman Controls
  • 'Snifter' Valve Accurately Depicted 
  • Advanced Mode - Steam Chest
  • CJB Advanced Steam Effects
  • Custom 8F Pack and Woodhead Wagon Sounds




If you're interested in a full 'Enhancement Pack' for the Woodhead 8F's, containing many new liveries, please click here.

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