BR 6MT Clan Sound Pack

6mt sound pack01

A full and realistic set of sounds giving you all the sounds you would want to hear from a big locomotive like a BR 6MT Clan*, including: 3-part exhaust sounds including pilot and main valve; A 'dynamic' 3 note chime whistle; Valve and motion sounds; coasting sounds; extra cab sounds and much more.

Special Controls:

The toggle button for changing from realistic to legacy mode has been moved to the Return key

  • Short Whistles - B
  • Guards Whistle - Shift+Spacebar
  • Firemans "Right Away" - Shift+B

*PLEASE NOTE: This pack is for the 6MT Clan available on Steam. This IS NOT compatible with the original IHH version. Neither is it compatible with the Just Trains Clan locos

An exciting new feature on this loco is our brand new 'dynamic' whistle. Listen to the whistle in the below video, posted on Facebook. You'll hear how 'playful' you can be with the whistle! This of course works best when operating the whistle from the cab control.