Standard Class 5 Sound Enhancement Pack

A Sound Enhancement for Just Trains Fabulous BR Standard Class 5 Advanced Pack

Includes Bonus Content - Named Standard Five Collection

Pack Contents

  • Brand New Exhaust Sounds

  • Pilot and Main Valve Effect

  • New Looped Chime and Bell-type Whistles

  • Improved Running Sounds

  • Better Balancing of Original Sounds

  • New Rail Joint Sounds

  • New Drain Cocks Sounds

  • 3 New Scenario's(See Below)

  • *NEW* Bonus Content. Complete Set of 20 Named 'Standard Arthurs' + Preserved 73050 City of Peterborough

Scenario Information:

This pack comes with 3 scenarios - one 2-parter and one other individual scenario. More scenarios will be produced in time. The following is a list of required DLC:

Churnet Valley Railway - Vulcan Productions; Great Central Railway - SSS; Woodhead Route - Steam; Class 33 Pack - Steam; Riviera in the Fifties - Steam; Weardale - Steam; LNER Teak Carriages - Digital Traction; British Railway Wagon Pack - Digital Traction; Departmental Wagon Pack - SSS; Departmental Hoppers - SSS; UKTS Freeware Wagons - UKTrainsim; BR Standard 9F - SSS; Falmouth Branch - Steam; GCR Windcutters - SSS


PLEASE NOTE: To Enjoy This Pack You Need to Own the BR Standard Class 5 Advanced from Just Trains