Duchess Sound Enhancement Pack


Immerse yourself in the glorious sounds of steam with the Duchess Sound Enhancement Pack and enjoy:

  • New Duchess Sounds
  • Better Balancing of Original Sounds
  • Duchess and Streamlined Coronation Locos Updated
  • Improved Loco Performance
  • Two New Scenarios


To benefit from this pack you MUST OWN either or both of the Duchess of Sutherland or Coronation Packs from Steam.

To fully enjoy the scenarios, we also highly recommend you get yourself a copy of the Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack by Armstrong Powerhouse. The scenarios will run without this, but you won't enjoy the changing weather featured without this.

A file named Scenario Information.pdf is included in the package. This contains information about DLC required to run the scenarios. Routes used are North Wales Coastal and West Somerset Railway Members Edition.