Standard 4 Tender Locomotives Sound Pack

Authentic sounds and realistic scenario's for Digital Traction Standard 4 2-6-0 and 4-6-0 locomotives

Pack Contents

          • A complete set of authentic sounds for Digital Tractions Standard 4 Tender locomotives. Features include - first/second valve effect;realistic drain cocks; coasting sounds, including the snifter valve; mulitiple whistles - a  long whistle operated with the spacebar and random whistles operated with the B key; blower sounds; injectors and wheelslip.
          • A surprise feature - you'll have to buy to find out!!
          • Scenario's created by Chris Baker - Including a 3 part scenario on the West Coats Mainline.
          • Two Scenario's created in-house.
          • A free update will be issued to include sounds for the BR Green Standard 4 very soon

The scenario's require some pieces of DLC. Please see the below run-down of requirements:

          • WCML-North - Available on Steam
          • Western Lines of Scotland - Available on Steam
          • Portsmouth Direct Line - Available On Steam
          • Settle and Carlise - Available on Steam
          • Standard 4 Tank - From Digital Traction
          • UKTrainsim Freeware Pack UK Carriages -

Official Trailer


You MUST have Digital Tractions Standard Class 4 locomotives installed before you can benefit from this package. These sounds are NOT designed for use with any other versions of the same loco's.



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