GWR 56xx Sound Pack


In association with Victory Works, the GWR 56xx Sound Pack with a complete set of new, immersive sounds and a new repaint by Pete Gilliam.

Pack Features

  • New First and Second Valve Exhaust Sounds
  • Recordings from 5643 at the Severn Valley Railway
  • Improved Coasting Sounds
  • Connecting Rod Clank
  • Two-tone Whistles
  • Four-Part Safety Valves
  • New Repaint Into BR Lined Green Livery with New Sounds
  • New Sounds Added to GWR and BR versions
  • A Two-Part Scenario for the Maerdy Branch

To get a good impression of what the sounds are like, here's a video:



PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have the 56xx Addon from Steam in order to use this addon

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