Flying Scotsman Sound Pack - Pegler Edition


Bring the worlds most famous steam locomotive to life with our full and incredibly realistic set of sounds for Flying Scotsman*, as it was back in the 1960's, owned by the late Alan Pegler, running with the double tender. We're pleased to tell you that the pack also features the work of Chris Barnes and his fantastic steam and smoke particle effects.

Pack Features

  • New Twin-Valve Exhaust Sounds
  • High Speed Exhaust Loops for Better Sounding High Speed Running
  • Steam Chest Simulation - NEW!!
  • 'Dynamic Whistle' - NEW!!
  • Coasting Sounds
  • Realistic Blower Sounds
  • Noisy Ejector
  • Additional In-Cab Sounds
  • Motion Clank
  • CJB Particles and Script
  • Flying Scotsman Headboard
  • Showcase scenario for Settle and Carlise 1975 route

*The double-chimney versions have been updated in a seperate pack




PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have the Flying Scotsman DLC from Steam in order to use this addon