Flying Scotsman Sound Pack - Modern Edition


Bring the worlds most famous steam locomotive to life with our full and incredibly realistic set of sounds for Flying Scotsman*, in it's more modern form, with double-chimney and smoke deflectors. We're pleased to tell you that the pack also features the work of Chris Barnes and his fantastic steam and smoke particle effects.

Pack Features

  • New Twin-Valve Double-Chimney Exhaust Sounds
  • High Speed Exhaust Loops for Better Sounding High Speed Running
  • Dual Brakes
  • Coasting Sounds
  • Realistic Blower Sounds
  • Noisy Ejector
  • Additional In-Cab Sounds
  • Motion Clank
  • CJB Particles and Script
  • Optional 'Advanced Mode'
  • Flying Scotsman Headboard

*The Single-chimney version is updated in a seperate pack




PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have the Flying Scotsman DLC and/or the wartime black Flying Scotsman DLC from Steam in order to use this addon