Double Chimney Castle Sound Pack

The GWR Castle - one of the finest express passenger locomotives ever built. Not only that, but possibly the greatest sounding locomotive ever built?! Well, that's open to debate. However, few are unmoved by the sound of a Great Western Castle! Even in doubler-chimney form. This sound pack will excite you in a way only a Great Western Castle can!

Pack Features

  • Pilot and Main Valve Exhaust Sounds
  • New Whistles
  • High Speed Exhaust Sounds

Coasting Sounds

  • Noisy and Authentic In-cab Environment
  • Classic GWR Groans
  • Addition of 7029 Clun Castle to Above Pack
  • Bonus Scenario for Clun Castle
  • New Quick Drive Consists

Watch the product feature video and pick up your copy below


PLEASE NOTE: You MUST own the TS Rewards Free Double Chimney Castle Pack from Dovetail Games in order to use this sound pack

**Save money with the GWR Castle Sounds Twin Pack**