BR Single-Chimney 9F 92134 Addon

The BR Standard 9F was a locomotive type introduced by British Railway's in an effort to Standardize steam locomotive types on Britians Railways in the 1950's. 999 BR Standard were built in total, 251 of which were the 9F class. They were nicknamed 'Spaceships' by enthusiasts.

This pack expands on the content in the hugely popular BR 9F Expansion and adds a special version of the single-chimney loco in ex-works condition as recently returned to steam 92134, as based on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.


  • 92134* in current ex-works condition
  • Custom Particles and script
  • Authentic Sounds Recorded from BR Standard's
  • Changeable Lamps and Headboards
  • Quick Drive Ready
  • Engaging Scenario

*Note that this is a repaint only. To use this you MUST OWN the 9F base pack off Steam and the 9F Expansion from this site



The official preview video of the expansion is here on the right. A video featuring 92134 specifically will appear here in its place in due course....